Terms & Conditions and School Bus Procedure


  • Any student who wishes to take the School bus must pay the monthly fees in advance and must obey the regulations stipulated here and the instruction of the person in charge.
  • Payment are to be made on the 1st of every calendar month.
  • When making payment to the Bus collector, kindly make payment together with the student card.
  • No Refund of payment will be given after confirmation.

B. ID Tagging

For safety reasons, we will be issuing to all students who take our bus service with an Identification Tag (ID Tag). This ID Tag comes with an unique ID number for easier identification. However, to ensure that this process is implemented efficiently and effectively, we seek your understanding and co-operation as listed below:

  • The ID Tag shall be permanently secured to the students’ bag.
  • The ID Tag shall be clearly displayed for bus conductor’s verification.
  • In event when the student changes bags, please detach the ID Tag and seek our bus conductor to secure the ID Tag to the new bag.
  • For day when the student is carrying a temporary bag or does not carry any bag, the student will just need to inform our bus conductor.
  • There will be replacement fees of $2 in event when the ID Tag is lost.
  • The ID Tag shall be returned to the bus conductor when the students no longer use the bus transport service.

C. School Bus Safety Guideline

  • All pickup and alighting points agreed upon registration shall be fixed and cannot be changed. Any change shall be sole discretion of the transport provider and the decision shall be final.
  • All Students are to be queue at their respective BUS NO before boarding the school bus.
  • All Students will be directed and lead by the driver or conductor to their respective buses and they shall at all times not to leave the bus group without informing the driver or conductor.
  • For children who had missed the School bus due to any reason after dismissal, they shall report to the School’s General Office or inform any teacher. The child is discouraged to leave the School by themselves at all times.
  • All students are to be sit when the bus is in moving or stationary condition, other than they are getting ready to alight the bus.
  • All parents/guardians are to be at the arranged pickup or alighting point before the scheduled time. Otherwise, it will be at the driver’s discretion to allow or not to alight your child.
  • Parents with P1 & P2 student have to inform the bus driver if they want their children to go home by themselves after alighting from the School bus.
  • Any misbehave of the children or any unusual incident occurred in the bus will be reported to School Operations Manager.
  • Due to the constrain during School reopening, Parents/Guardians will not be allowed on the bus.

D. Termination of bus services

  • The bus services may be terminated by the Parent at any time by giving the School Bus Operator at least one month’s notice in writing.

  I fully understand and agree to abide to Terms & Conditions, School Bus Procedures as stipulated.

  I fully understand that The Company reserves the rights to makes changes to the Terms & Conditions, School Bus Procedures as necessary without prior notice.


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